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Appreciation letter for every one who helped

Dear Team,I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your very active participation in our project JordanCars.Net.

Without your help and support we would have not accomplished the website on time, we also benefited from your feedback and input to put together what you would like to think of as the best and most comprehensive automotive website here in Jordan.

On both a professional and a personal level, I really appreciated the time that you have spent to help us in making this dream come true.

All of you who participated in this project should feel proud of this accomplishment specially:

  • Ghazi Zaghloul
  • Samer Maslamani
  • Fadi Tayyem
  • Osama Samman & his team (Prinets)  
  • Tariq Khiralla
  • Ahmad Azmi (Our Motorheads project Director)
  • Hadi Abudayya
  • Suhaib Shashaa
  • Mada'a Khasawneh
  • Mashhour Halawani
  • Dot.Jo Team (JordanCars.Net Developers)
  • TRACCS our PR agency
  • My Brothers, Team & partners, the JordanCars.Net Team (Mousab Shashaa & Mohammed Mathher)

Again, thanks so much from me and the whole JC team for your enthusiastic and participation in our dream. I have no doubt that it would not have been the success that it was without your presence.

Very sincerely,

Ali Khiralla

Founder / Senior Site Editor
rdan’s First Online Automotive Magazine

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