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Tips For Selling Car

How to sell your Car tips

Selling a car could be worrying, especially for the first time. These quick tips will help you out

Step 1 : Research

By checking JordanCars.Net and the market you can see what the going rate is for your car. Check your car options to see if they are higher or lower than the cars for sale. Most options won’t really increase the price but they make the car more appealing.

Step 2 : Advertise

Jordancar.Net offers ads (auto Classifieds), you can simply take a picture for your car and log in to and upload it so every one can check it out.

Step 3 : Clean the car

A clean car shows that you have looked after it. Any visual marks will be clear to the next buyer and shows you have nothing to hide.

Step 4 : Test Drive

A buyer will want to test drive the car. This is fine but limits the time and the route. If you are not comfortable with the buyer then do not allow the drive. Never let the buyer take the car on their own.

Step 5 : Inspections

A keen buyer will want to do their own inspection of the car and this may be in a garage. Do not let them take the car on their own and they must pay for the inspection. A deposit can be collected.

Step 6 : Drop the price

Everyone loves to bargain be prepared to drop your asking price. Some people will try to reduce the price before they see the car, there can be people looking for a really cheap deal.

Step 7 : Payment

Most deals will be done with a deposit. If the buyer is taking a loan then their bank will handle this. If accepting cash try to do it in a bank so they can account and check the notes. Do not accept Cheques.

Step 8 : Trade in

Some new or used car companies will accept your car as trade in for your next car. This can make buying/ selling process much easier - as long as the price is right for you.

Step 9 : Dealers

Some dealers will buy your car from you. Shop around because prices can vary. The price will be les than privet sale but the process can be lot easier.

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