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Tips For Buying Car

Are you ready for your new car, and don’t know where to start ?

Will here is some helpful steps that you could use when buying a car :

Step 1 : You should choose a car maker and a model; if you still don’t know what brand you want then you could set a budget. You can get the latest car news by surfing the net

Step 2 : Shop around for used and brand new cars, you could find a lot of cars dealers here in Amman or you could go to Hura cars market in Al-Zarqa city.

Step 3 : When you set your mind on a car test drive it, and if it were a used one try to test drive more than one car of the same model, because when you do each one will give you a better feel on which is in the best shape.

Step 4 : When you have decide on a car you need to check it, and by that we mean; you should check if the car has been in an accident or if the mileage is correct. So you take it to a reputable garage to have a processional opinion and peace of mind.

You should also check the car during the day, look for oil leaks under the car and check for bad paint reapers (Will show as ripples or uneven surfaces)

Step 5 : Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions about the car as possible, cars could be a large investment and costly if you got a bad one.

Step 6 : Check the history of the car since it’s a great indication of how well the car has been looked after. You can do so by checking the car maintenance history with the dealer service center.

Step 7 : Check for warranty, how many years, the mileage, what dose it cover and if it includes a service contract. Also used cars could be under warranty by the main dealer so check for that as will.

Step 8 : Make an offer and remember any small problem could help you to reduce the price. If your not comfort with haggling? Then do it over the phone or get one of your friends to do it for you.

Step 9 : You must feel comfortable with the deal and the car. If you're not excited about you new car then walk away and leave it. Because you could only buy a car when you love it and feel it’s the right one. Remember what we said in step 5.

Step 10 : Never pay cash until the car is registered to you.

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