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General Motors start the annual after sales customer appreciation campaign in Jordan

Abu Khader Automotive the exclusive distributor for the world leading passenger and commercial vehicle brands, Opel, GMC, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and BMW has recently launched its annual retention campaign in Jordan. The customer appreciation campaign is built for Abu Khader Automotive customers to help keep them engaged within the after sales programs available for General Motors brands by offering outstanding after sales services through full and customized service packages.

Abu Khader Automotive is offering this year all its GM customers a full service package for two visits till the end of the year 2011, where every customers will be offered oil and filter change at cost price for the first visit, and a 25% discount for the next visit during 2011.

"Investing in a vehicle from Abu Khader Automotive, is an investment that takes the stress out of car ownership, as it is supported by a variety of different service center divisions that offer superior and reliable services, not often attained in the industry," said Mr. Hussein Malhas the General Manager of Abu Khader Automotive, and he added; "Abu Khader Automotive represented by its dedicated staff, has been continuously striving to provide all its valuable customers with superior products and services. And this is just the beginning for an infinite journey of dedication and exceptional sales and after sales services."

AK's customer appreciation campaign took place at GM service center located the Bayader industrial area on the 21st of July 2011, where all the customers were invited with their kids and families to spend the day and enjoy the fun activities organized by the after sales staff at Abu Khader Automotive.

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