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Bustami and Saheb Trading releases Nissan Micra in Jordan

Bustami and Saheb Trading Co (BSTC), the exclusive dealers of Nissan in Jordan, announced in a press gathering the arrival of the newest addition of Nissan lineup to Jordan; the brand new Nissan Micra.

Accordingly, media outlets' representatives were introduced, in the presence of BSTC top management, to the features that characterize the first Nissan B segment entry.

This new model has successfully managed to secure a growing share in the Jordanian market last year in a percentage that reached up to 32% which indicates the broad acceptance for this new brand model in the Jordanian market.

Nissan Micra model combines all the manufacturer's key values but also builds further on the benefits expected by customers in this segment without any adverse effect on the vehicle's road holding.

With this new addition to its collection of cars, Nissan aims at maintaining the lead in the world of car design's creativity, the new generation of Nissan Micra is on its way to be the forerunner in this category since it's efficient in fuel consumption and an environment-friendly car.

As Nissan Micra is easy to handle and maneuver, Nissan believes it will be the first choice of a vast group of customers in the Jordanian market.

Moreover, the all-new Nissan Micra is expected to have a huge impression on the people who fell in love with the Micra. The car comes with an incredibly fuel efficient 1500cc engine and has a convenient and available 97 hp for the road in addition to the wide space which positions the Nissan Micra on the list of the most efficient and secure cars for the uses of individuals and families.

The Nissan Micra introduces a range of cutting edge technologies to further enhance comfort, convenience with special focus on safety with the introduction of four driver and passenger airbags, ABS and EBD. As a result, the new Micra aims to set new benchmarks in the market for B segment cars.

The all-new Nissan Micra comes in three types to satisfy the various needs and requests with a manual and automatic transmission.

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