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Useful Tips

As time goes on, thieves find increasingly ingenious ways of stealing from the unsuspecting public. There is plenty that you can do to help yourself; much of it is common sense, so read on for our advice.

  1. Always Make sure all windows and your sunroof are properly closed, lock all doors and turn on any security devices you have when leaving your vehicle unattended Take care when choosing a parking space, particularly at night or if you are leaving the vehicle for a long time. Wherever possible, park in a busy, well-lit area.

  2. Never leave cash, credit cards, mobile phones, vehicle documents or other valuables in the vehicle. If this is unavoidable, make sure they are well hidden before you begin your journey - thieves often watch you parking.

  3. Keep your keys on your person in a safe place at all times.never leave them in the vehicle - even for short periods. Treat them as you would your cash or credit cards. Make sure they are kept in a secure place when at home and work. Burglars often break into buildings to steal vehicle keys.

  4. Remember if you see anything unusual or suspicious, call the police immediately. In an emergency dial 191.

Wish You All Happy Motoring
JC Team

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